RSA - A Gift is a Gift

The RSA wants to sell off the Gifted Bowling Green [easy land sale to pay off $230,000 debt] but keep its Memorial gates and Avenue. The Latest news the Levin RSA continues to ignore the Clark family.

Maud Annie Mrs Walter LETTPLEASE READ Acknowledgement of Mauds Gift for Bowlers and their welfare.
Letter 9th February 1948 from the Levin RSA Bowling Club Secretary to Mrs Maud Lett
 (formerly Mrs Maud Clark) Note she was aged 78 as of 1948 and died in 1960 aged 91.

Dear Mrs Lett
 At last weeks meeting of the Levin R.S.A. Bowling Club Committee, it was disclosed that you had most generously placed at the disposal of the R.S.A an area of land suitable for the formation of a Bowling Green.
     Of your life’s interest in the welfare of the men who have served in the defence of their country and the Empire we of the Levin R.S.A. are deeply conscious, and you Mrs Lett, I assume enjoy a very great esteem amongst us all.
     Of your most recent generousity in the interest of our members, words are inadequate to express to you our very sincere thanks and appreciation, but we hope and pray, dear gracious lady that in the evening of your life so devoted to the services of others, that you may be spared for many years to enjoy the fruits of your generous heart, and that you will spend many hours of happiness on the Levin R.S.A. (Clark Memorial) Bowling Green, in company with these veterans of the several wars, to whose welfare your life has been so devoted.
     On behalf of the Bowling Club Committees, may we again say “Thank You” for your great generousity.
Yours faithfully, Hon Secretary

RSA to Maud Feb-09-1948



Horowhenua Chronicle 8 May 2015


8th May 2015 Newspaper reports that at a General meeting of the RSA that the Bowling Green was being sold along with the main club. The Club has rising debit of $230,000.

Week 1- 10th May 2015 Representative of Clark family meets with Executive committee of the RSA. Provides historical information about the gifting and offers help to the club over the following days. Wednesday!!Sad!!

15th May 2015 Clark family take to the streets for start of “RSA Shame - a Gift is a Gift” campaign.

Week 2 - Support and prep.Friday-2

21 May 2015 The RSA finally reveals to the public via the Horowhenua Mail newspaper their side of the story but acknowledges the gift. Some information contains “spin”.

21 May 2015 Finally the Levin RSA and Bowling club may start talking to one another.  Clark family puts forward a professional - balanced proposal. Latest News .. Ignored

12 June 2015 - Christine Davidson and Lester Putze put pressure on current management to consider Garry Clark’s proposal.  Horowhenua Chronicle.

16 June 2015 Levin RSA Ltd critical response  from them.




Injustice within Levin RSA structure:- When less than 1% of the Levin RSA Club can out-vote 75% of the Bowling Club members and sell the profitable Gifted Bowling Green from under their feet!  This needs fixing.

RSA - Give the Gift back
The Clark family want the RSA to return the Gift (Kohu) back to us free of cost. The Levin RSA have shown they have no longer any interest in providing recreational activities to members and this comes also from RSA NZ. They have insulted the wishes of our Grandmother and her ideals by stating the bank wants its sold. Vote taken and low and behold its wakeup time for this family to act.

With its return, we as a family will ensure that the bowlers will continue to be able to bowl on these fabulous greens and be able to encourage new members to join the bowling club and not required to join the Levin RSA as well. There is a growing trend for the young to join this sport. Like Maud and W.M.Clark when the settled in the town of Levin 121 years ago. Over the next 60 years, they were responsible for starting the Golf and Bowls amongst other sports and activities in Levin. Maud received a QSM for the services she did for the community. She was the Patron of many womens clubs and societies. We have a duty to ensure the Gift of Land for Bowlers and Bowling continues and her wishes are maintained into the future.

The RSA Bowling Club Inc has been totally independently run by the bowlers and all payments and improvements for Clubhouse, Greens, Maintenance and chattels have been funded by them from day one till the present day.

The red herring thrown into the ring by the RSA that the bowlers  didn’t pay the rates is not true when you look at the other payments    the bowlers paid. Everything still adds up with the Bowling Club actually paying too much to the Levin RSA Club. Who knew that the Bowling green was used as a collateral for a mortgage?  The bowlers and our family didn’t find this out till this month.

All the debt is on Levin RSA Ltd. We want a new start from within to take this facility to become an asset for Levin.
 (See Letter to the editor here by us)
The Clark family is growing impatient by being ignored by the Levin RSA. However others within the club have received a similar treatment. The culture there has to change.

RSA Shame
Give the Gift back

Give the Gift Back