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William Buddle 1775 - 1848 =  Jane Lawrence 1780 -1845  11 children of which Maria Buddle was the eldest born 5 Sept 1800 St Giles in the Fields.

Joseph Clark = Maria Buddle married 6 July 1823 Marylebone Middlesex 7 known children.  Joseph was plumber. Strange situation when two of these children, William and Joseph Clark arrived in NZ on the 1 May 1842 on the ship “London” with Aunt Louisa Fitchett and family.  Presumed Joseph, the boys father died pre 1840 and mother later remarried Charles Boileau in 1849.  While William remained in NZ, Joseph then went to Australia and met up with his mother whom with her husband settled in Australia and all died in Australia. Joseph Clark married Charles Boileau’s daughter.

David Bevan b 1871 = Sarah Kempster b 1871 d 10 Aug 1860 Wrexham (on the  border of England and Wales) Children = 8 born in Wrexham Wales except the eldest Thomas b 1801 who came to Wellington New Zealand 1840 on the ship "Lady Nugent". Website with more information here.

Alexander Gray b 1796 d 1839(blacksmith) came to NZ on the ship Rosanna 1826 from Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire? on Capt Herds NZ Co Expedition which left from Leith in Scotland with other Scottish Mechanics. Need to find proof of the the names of Alexander's parents. Possible James and Margaret Gray... named to coincide with his eldest childrens names.  It is said that Alexanders father was a Goldsmith in Scotland but I haven’t been able to confirm this. Any information  would be exceedingly welcome. Alexander had a son named Alexander Gray whom was brought up with Alexander Chapman a Missionary in NZ and later on in 1848 was in NSW Australia. This is where our trail has stopped. Did he go back to Scotland ? The trail has gone cold. Help please.

Walter Robarts b 1868 = Caroline Clark b 17 Sept 1858 and married in 1894 Wellington NZ. Went to England and were on their way back to NZ in 1914 when they got as far as 5317 Serria Villa Drive, Los Angeles California USA and progressed no further. Walter had tried to make it as a singer but was a Hollywood correspondent for a NZ Freelance paper according to the old folks. Any information on them and their decendants in the USA would be most welcome. The parents of these were Henry Martyn Robarts (Officer Royal Navy) and wife Ester Eagle. William Clark and wife Margaret Bevan

Charles Rowe Yeeles c 5 April 1834 Exeter St Leonard Devonshire. Parents James and Mary Ann Yeeles.  Charles came  to NZ in 1853 and married Jane Maria Gray.  He left her in Australia an remarried having one child. Any further info on him would be appreciated.

I am interested in tracing other related surnames in England from approximately 1830 - till now of:- Van Huerek (Australia),  Arthur Lucas, Thomas Head, and Lawrence which married into Clark connections 1845 approx.