Who is the real Lucy LORD from these pictures?  There are photographs out there which are labelled Victoria, Queen of Nukuwaru or Aukumaru and in the same breath stating its Lucy Lord.  Who has got this wrong?

- Refs in the Puke Ariki Museum - New Plymouth

- Refs in the Cooks Museum in Russell

- Book published 2016 “Gottfried Lindauer’s New Zealand Publisher Auckland University Press Plate 59 with text of wahine “Pikirakau” as being Lucy Lord and many other names.   

Lets put the record straight.

1.  Pikirakau and Lucy Lord are two different people.

2. Louisa Elizabeth Lord 1842 - 1893 parents are William Lord and Kotiro (Mary) Hinerangi.

3. Lucy Lord was known or referred to as Lucy Takiora Lord, Lucy Grey, Lucy D’Alton (Note she was married to Edward Dalton) and while a ref (heresay)exists about Mrs Richard Blake she was not married to Blake. 

4. Von Tempsky painted Lucy Lord and she was a guide / scout and highly likely his mistress in the time before his death. Lucy was not the “Gun toting” fighter. Many of Von Tempsky’s paintings seem to show her as a guide / scout. Because the paintings lack people descriptions by the author, we can never be sure even then, that these are Lucy. The descriptions of her activities in papers I have,  do not indicate she even used a rifle let alone killed.

5. Lucy was never “Bloody Mary” although this story was passed onto me by an old timer in 1978 and I then passed it on to the institutions above looking for more information on Lucy Lord.  I now know how the confusion arose. Lucy Lord was not known as “Bloody Mary” but Piki Rakau was. The Lucy Lord “Bloody Mary” myth has permeated ever since in writings.

5I’m showing part of the Lindaur painting right which inscription and researched text indicates whom this is. Mrs Pikirakau, Bloody Queen Mary, who killed six rebels & stripped them of their arms, for which Sir George Grey gave her 30 & requested her not to fight again. Lindauer carefully inscribed the above text on the back of the painting. The highly-spirited wahine toa Mrs Pikirakau was so effective that Governor Grey paid for her retirement.  ref   Garry Clark

Pikirakau plate_59