The story of the Alexander Gray and Hinerangi is work in progress.  Research started in 1978 and more recently the momentum has been accelerated with the review by fellow assistant researchers.

Is the ancestor GRAY or GREY? There are three documents signed by Alexander GRAY that we know about and one of them is his marriage certificate Alex GRAY to Kotiro HINERANGI being the first marriage registered in Paihia in 1830. The confusion arises because the children in their writings spelt it GREY and the missionaries who taught the GRAY children, spelt his name GREY. There is no doubt that it should be GRAY from the writing and and also the fact he is Scottish..

Research on the son of Alexander GRAY , Alexander GRAY (Grey)(Junior) disappeared into NSW Australia and was there after 1847.   Any one with further information on him would be appreciated.


Alexander GRAY and Kotiro HINERANGI

Alexander GRAY and Kotiro HINERANGI  grave plaque

On the 30th October 2008 in the oldest church in New Zealand, the Christ Church at Russell, a small service was conducted and a plaque was laid to recognise that Alexander Gray and Kotiro Hinerangi was buried there. Because the original graves were marked with wood, these decayed away over the last century. None of the locations of the earliest graves have been recorded by a sextant. A descendant,  Trevor Campbell,  organised with the Church authorities to have a suitable plaque produced to record these burials for future generations, to lay respect  for their very special ancestors.

Garry alongside plaque

Garry Clark, alongside his ancestors plaque, which is at the rear of the church, close to the picket fence

Updated:27 April, 2019